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Composing for film and TV involves much more work than finding inspiration for the music. In this discussion, composer Blake Neely shows excerpts from ALL AMERICAN, GREYHOUND and THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT and discusses how to maintain the intent of a score through the editing process, writing a score to balance the use of pop music, the differences between scoring for film and TV, how to construct and reuse a musical theme and managing the pressure to write under the tight deadlines of a weekly TV show.

Blake Neely is an award-winning composer, whose work spans film, television and the concert world. He has scored more than 30 television series and 15 films. His breakout score for the Tom Hanks film, GREYHOUND, premiered this month on Apple TV+. Current work includes The CW’s RIVERDALE, ALL AMERICAN and superhero franchises ARROW, THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, NBC’s BLINDSPOT, and NETFLIX fan-favorite YOU. more...

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