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Visit the Sundance Film Festival and expand your storytelling skills with this series of videos featuring the most compelling and timely talks and panels from recent fests.

That the first image of a black hole was achieved through a global network of synchronized radio observatories shows what humans can accomplish when we come together across disciplines. Just like the world of independent film, science and technology are propelled by collaboration, cooperation and the breaking of barriers. In this panel from the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on the intersection of science and media, scientists Dr. Galit Alter, Jenna Levin and Leland Melvin and filmmakers Scott Z. Burns (An Inconvenient Truth, Contagion) and Kath Lingenfelter (The Leftovers, House, M.D.) explore, through the lens of film and television, what that cooperation means for human knowledge and our mutual survival. This panel was originally titled The Big Conversation: Come Together.

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