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I walked around my town with my camera. I find some interesting incidents and I start capturing them. In my town, always there are some construction is going. on that evening, there was a political meeting was going for an Indian political prisoner Stan swami's death and on the other hand, human relationship is also being constructed. I took the theme of construction and put all the events under one roof. Actually, the political event was about Stan Swami who was a political prisoner who died in jail. They were protesting against the Government for being crude to Stan Swami. Stan swami did fight for lower cast people. From then Government arrested him. So, 'construction' is a film that shows the event where everyone constructs something whether it is building or relationship or country.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
I am an assistant director and editor. I work here in Kolkata. I worked for some movies made by Gautam Ghosh as an observer. I also worked for some tv series based on novels as assistant director. Previously I have done my post graduate diploma from Kolkata film and television institute. Right now I am working with International academy of film and media (Bangladesh). more...

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