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My friend and I were working on writing a ‘Cereal Sitcom’ and then this "What If” challenge came up. I thought hmmm…who liked cereal more than Jerry Seinfeld? I texted my friend and talked about the "What If'" challenge. The next day, my friend and I were talking on the phone again. This time I explained “What If George kept his job at the Yankees and it was the Summer of Jerry?’" I started talking about Jerry Seinfeld, a 1990 commercial and cereal and my friend misunderstood. He thought I was talking about the ‘Cereal Sitcom’ we were working on. He blurted out “We can’t afford Seinfeld.”
“I can’t afford Seinfeld, can you afford Seinfeld?” I started laughing and told him
“No this is the What If challenge I’m working on.” When I explained it again we both burst out laughing.
I always loved Seinfeld’s jokes, Gretzky’s strategy & niceness and Puff Daddy’s lyrics, business sensibility and music. This episode ‘Summer of George’ aired on May 15th, 1997. After writing a few drafts I added Puff Daddy to the “What If” challenge. I loved hip hop music in ‘97 and hoped it would work out with the timelines so I started researching Puff Daddy. One of my breakthrough moments in this challenge came when I was dancing to one of Puff Daddy's song’s that was released in February of 1997. I hope you smile and get some laughs. This was so fun to write. Thank you for this opportunity!

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