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The film features LatinX leads, whose characters are multi-dimensional, classy, and complex humans. Although Julian is a gay man, the story doesn't revolve around sexuality and is a universal experience that all people can empathize with. These are things not often shown in cinema, and are important to be shown in mainstream media. Additionally, as a straight Latino man who grew up in Los Angeles, I feel that bringing this beautiful story to life is a healthy step forward in my own empathetic and emotional journey in this life, and I hope it brings the same to all who watch.

Miles Lopez is a writer, director, and producer born and raised in Los Angeles. Before, and while, earning his B.A. in USC’s film production program, he worked as an acting coach, photographer, and as a director and producer for talent management companies, creating acting reels for both new and seasoned talent. During his last semester of film school at USC, in Spring 2021, he produced and directed the 23min. short film "Cartas Para Axél". He has since directed multiple proof of concepts, and is currently working on two new short films and his first feature. His goal is to tell stories which may inspire change - even if only in one person - or help people understand the plight of others. more...

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