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I am an actress who has always loved to write and is transitioning into writing. I have taken some online courses through the public library and looking forward to expanding and learning more about creating stories.

The project I am submitting Capgras is something I collaborated with a friend on. It's about a woman going through the psychological condition known as Capgras Delusion. A delusion where someone has the irrational belief that someone they know has been replaced by an imposter. This story follows the journey of Inda and how she starts to believe her husband is an imposter.

It's very very rough but I'd love some feedback!! I read that you need to set up the genre of the script in the first 10ish pages, its been tough trying to set up the genre when its a psychological thriller. I also read that you need start off positive to give the movie a place to go. I'm sure technically I need work too. THANKS!

Los Angeles, CA, USA
An Actress/Writer/Voice Over more...

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