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The script is conceived as a conflict between two very different groups of people, confronting, fighting against each other for authoritative matter. Albeit the apparent, noisy confrontation, they're also cohabiting like neighbors, with their good and bad manners, sharing the same stage. All that through sound and music.

Tirana, Albania
Name Gentian Gjikopulli Gender Male Email genti_gjikopulli@yahoo.com Birthday 1.1.1974, Tirana, Albania Education 1988-1992 studied painting and drawing at the Artistic High School “Jordan Misja” in Tirana, specialized in classical graphics and graphic design 1992-1996 studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana getting specialized in fresco and monumental paintings Work 1996-1997 works as a painter at the National Historical Museum 1997-2000 works as a graphic designer and copywriter at the advertising agency R&T Advertising 1998- still working at the Artistic High School “Jordan Misja” in Tirana as a teacher of painting, drawing and, graphics 1998-2011 co-founder of AV-RA Studio, a team who produces TV-Spots and commercial advertising 2007-still working at the “Harry Fultz” Community College as an editing and post-production instructor Director's Filmography 2016 TIFF - Tirana International Film Festival (video-art section) 2020 completes his debut, short and feature film with the same title“Zound” more...

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