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I chose to tell the story of Blunt Civility because I wanted to create a non-traditionally vulnerable movie about identity and ancestral curses. Growing up, I didn't always have a home to go to and I bounced from house to house, staying with friends and even a women's shelter with my mother. As an adult finally in therapy, I'm uncovering many repressed memories of my parents and childhood that have me questioning everything I thought I knew about myself. Recontextualizing where I come from has truly helped me figure out where I am now and who I'm going to become.

Tristen Stafford is a queer non-binary filmmaker based in NY. In 2021, their first feature film "Pretenders" won Best Feature Comedy at Cinequest and was distributed through Gravitas Ventures. In 2023, three of their short films are currently playing across domestic film festivals. more...

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