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76 year old Eugenie is deported from the UK back to Jamaica, part of the Windrush scandal. Faced with the reality of the actual 'hostile environment' that she's been condemned to die in, her grandson Garfield tries to come to her rescue.

This submission is an excerpt from a short that is part of a larger narrative project about the experiences of involuntarily returned migrants to the Caribbean. The work explores the stigma, indifference and hostility that these persons face, especially the elderly, when they are forced to return to the underdeveloped societies from which they'd initially migrated in search of a better quality of life, or been recruited from by the UK to fill its labor demand. Now these citizens of "empire" are being denied their rights including access to healthcare and sent back to countries they'd left behind with no resources or infrastructure to support them.
This submission is a version that ends pretty dismally. In the extended version
The story changes perspective in the latter part of the script which deals with Granma Eugenie’s actual response to the situation she is in since when we meet her she is literally voiceless. I probably should have uploaded the full short but was insecure about the turn that it took leading to the climax...would love to discuss how the two versions change the message and mood of the film entirely. One is hopeless and the other more cathartic and hopeful and incorporates a bit of magical realism. Also curious as to whether this version, ending with Garfield’s response to this wheelchair works as its own film and if the dialogue is too on the nose. Thanks!

Storyteller who has been trying and failing and trying again, who may finally be finding her voice. more...

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