About this submission

I graduated college in the summer of 2021. Post-grad life has been making me feel antsy and frustrated. One day while babysitting, I heard Sun Ra's Enlightenment. The upbeat tempo made me think of my friend Mitchka!

I knew I had to cast Mitchka in a short that would be scored to jazz. As a Leo, Mitchka has a very fiery, passionate personality and I was interested in seeing how this would play out if she was caught in a state of boredom. The result is neurotic, much like how I feel about post-grad life so far.

Shot entirely on Super 8!

Ana Chavez is an LA-based filmmaker and video-artist. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Singapore, she received her BA in Film & Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Ana is passionate about stories that explore the complex in-between spaces that define third-culture identities. She also seeks to explore the women’s psyche at its most gritty and shed light on the darker aspects of the female experience. more...

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