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BLONDIE - An estranged son unexpectedly (in more ways than one) returns home after a year away from his mother.

Please note that this is a fine cut without color grading, audio mixing, or music. BLONDIE was filmed in late February 2022. This film will make me a first time director!

Aaron Jin is a queer, Asian-American actor and writer, known for bringing people through humor and storytelling across mediums. In 2019, he produced the PNW-inspired, lesbian short film Stormy Skies that premiered at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Recently, he was seen in the feature film Potato Dreams of America (SXSW 2020) and produced the first three episodes of an independent webseries. In September, he is releasing his first new opera Together, a father-daughter story developed with Seattle Opera as part of their inaugural Creation Lab program. A passionate activist trained through artequity’s national facilitator training program, Aaron also serves on grant panels, leads activism-focused workshops, and markets for nonprofit arts organization in Seattle. more...

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