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Eight-year-old Su Min and her mother resides in the slum of Shenzhen in China, making ends meet by cleaning toilets and picking garbage. Su Min dreams to go to school some day. But when she sneaks into an elementary school, she gets hit by a car while running away from security guards. With Su Min’s leg broken, her mother’s only goal is to send her to school, but she will have to pay out of city tuition of 30,000 yuan. To fulfill Su Min’s dream, her mother risks her job by sneaking into classrooms and offices to steal money.

New York, NY, USA
Charles Xiuzhi Dong is a writer/director from China, based in New York. He enrolled at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University, where he received his BFA in film production, his ability to discover and create profound narrative stories has brought great works such as After Class, which was selected by Santa Barbara International Film Festival. His upcoming feature documentary debut is An Anshan Story: an investigation of his family saga of post Chinese cultural revolution history. more...

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