In Advisor Studio sessions, Sundance Collab Advisors share field experiences and insights into their specific areas of craft, including writing, directing and producing for TV and film.

For Terilyn A. Shropshire, storytelling is to dwell in the “what if.” As a film and television editor with nearly 40 credits behind her - including critically acclaimed projects such as EVE’S BAYOU, LOVE & BASKETBALL, WHEN THEY SEE US, and THE OLD GUARD, Teri has helped shape some of the most treasured stories of our time. Join us for a very special conversation as Teri takes us inside the edit bay and into the creative process of feature film editing. We’ll discuss how she evaluates and organizes footage, weaves together a compelling scene, and problem solves her way through creative challenges. We’ll also explore how to navigate the crucial collaborative relationship between editor and director, integrate notes, and the skill set required to be a successful editor. This conversation will give you practical tools for managing an efficient workflow and best practices for how to approach the edit in your next film.


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