In Advisor Studio sessions, Sundance Collab Advisors share field experiences and insights into their specific areas of craft, including writing, directing and producing for TV and film.

As a filmmaker, it’s not uncommon to want to emulate your heroes or pay homage to the artists who inspired you. Yet, how do you begin to pursue your own path and evolve from these influences to discover your individuality as a creator? In this intimate conversation, writer/director Sheldon Candis (LUV, WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE BRIGHTEST, REBEL) guides filmmakers on steps you can take to start developing your own voice and visual style as a filmmaker. This conversation covers how to find and embrace your distinct voice and how this impacts all of your choices moving forward—from how you design a frame, to where you place the camera.

Artist's Chosen Interview:

How to Break Into Film Directing w/ Sheldon Candis | Ncredible Network | Black Hollywood Live

Artist's Work:

LUV (2012)

Password: LUV

Inspirational Resources/Recommendations:

YouTube Channel: Every Frame a Painting

(A series of video essays about film form, made from April 2014 to September 2016, by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou)

Baltimore native Sheldon Candis is a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Candis recently created and directed the docu-narrative series ‘I WILL WHAT I WANT’, a cinematic portrait of ballet phenom Misty Copeland for Under Armour. Candis’ documentary THE DWELLING, chronicles the lives of two homeless men living along Tokyo's Sumida Gawa. The film is being distributed by Scion and Giant Robot magazine. more...

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