In Advisor Studio sessions, Sundance Collab Advisors share field experiences and insights into their specific areas of craft, including writing, directing and producing for TV and film.

In this intimate conversation with Todd Louiso, we explore the complex relationship and dynamics between actors and directors. Louiso has experience in both roles; with over 50 acting credits in films including JERRY MAGUIRE and HIGH FIDELITY, Louiso made the successful transition from performing in front of the camera to directing feature films. Here, we get his perspective on building characters, prepping for a role and collaborating with your director. We then shift to his position in the Director's Chair and get his insights on how a director can best communicate with actors and build trust. We also get real on some of the fears that many directors and actors have in this key relationship and discuss why all directors should take acting classes before stepping onto the set.

A graduate of New York University’s film school, Todd held a wide variety of jobs from working for Academy Award winning writer and director Robert Benton (BONNIE & CLYDE, PLACES IN THE HEART, KRAMER VS. KRAMER) to interning on Saturday Night Live’s film unit, before landing a lead acting role on James L. Brooks’ short-lived television series, PHENOM, which brought him to Los Angeles. more...

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