The process of making your first feature film is at once daunting and rewarding, challenging and exciting, and always intense. Join writer/director Edson Oda (MALARIA, A SENSORIAL RIDE, NINE DAYS) in a live Q&A where he’ll recount his leap into feature filmmaking after making several well-received short films. Edson debuted his fiction feature, NINE DAYS, at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival--garnering critical acclaim, winning the Waldo Salt Award for Screenwriting, and an acquisition from Sony Pictures Classic. Edson will share how to develop and execute an ambitious idea, tackle challenges during production, and why he believes personal storytelling is key to creating an impactful film. We’ll begin by screening his short, MALARIA, to set the stage for the conversation.

Edson Oda is a Japanese-Brazilian writer/director based in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of São Paulo - bachelor's in Advertising – and completed his MFA in Film and Production at USC. more...

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