In Advisor Studio sessions, Sundance Collab Advisors share field experiences and insights into their specific areas of craft, including writing, directing and producing for TV and film.

In this intimate conversation with Angela Tucker (ALL STYLES, (A)SEXUAL), we take a deep dive into the art and craft of writing and directing. After building an impressive body of work in the documentary world, Tucker turned to her passion for fiction filmmaking in 2018 by co-writing and directing her first full length feature, All Styles. Here, Angela shares how to get the writing process started, tips on how to write and direct your first narrative feature film, why she feels pre-production is so important and how she navigated the challenges that arose during script development and filming. We conclude with her thoughts on why creatives shouldn't box themselves into a particular role, format or genre.

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  • Since I was a kid, I have loved standup comedy. These are the best story tellers of our time, the true truth tellers. With stand up, you have to economically learn how to structure stories while honing in on a personal style to stand out. And you have to be fearless. These rules apply to all forms of storytelling when it's done at its best. It was painful to choose just a few to recommend but they are: Chris Rock's Bring the Pain, Lenny Bruce's What I Was Arrested For, Ali Wong's Baby Cobra and Julio Torres', My Favorite Shapes.
  • So many filmmakers recommend John August's Scripnotes but this particular episode, "How To Write A Movie" features Craig Mazin (writer of "Chernobyl") in a talk about his general theory on screenwriting. I have studied screenwriting for years and can honestly say that I never truly knew how to write a movie until I listened to this. We all *think* we understand the importance of theme in stories but after listening to this, you will truly know.
  • I go on long solo walks (or runs when I'm in shape) when I'm in the thick of a project. It acts as a form of meditation and gives me clarity. I've gotten so many ideas for new projects during these walk/runs.
  • Every year I look forward to The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtables. I love that they have expanded them to include documentary directors (finally), producers and designers -- all the hardest working people that never get a chance to shine.
  • There's nothing like the director's viewfinder for giving you a better understanding of how to pick your shots.
  • I often return to Adrienne Maree Brown's book "Emergent Strategy" as a reminder of how radical imagination can help us shape a bold new world. 
Angela Tucker is a writer, director and Emmy nominated producer. Her directorial work includes ALL SKINFOLK, AIN’T KINFOLK, a documentary short airing on PBS’ Reel South in Spring 2020 about a mayoral election in New Orleans; ALL STYLES, a narrative feature currently available on Showtime; BLACK FOLK DON’T, a documentary web series that was featured in Time Magazine’s “10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life”; and (A)SEXUAL, a feature length documentary about people who experience no sexual attraction that streamed on Netflix and Hulu. more...

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