In Advisor Studio sessions, Sundance Collab Advisors share field experiences and insights into their specific areas of craft, including writing, directing and producing for TV and film.

For independent film producer Allison Carter (AMERICAN HONEY, THE DINNER, MADELINE'S MADELINE), there are three areas that the successful producer needs to excel in: development/pitching, field producing and deeply understanding how the industry works. In this intimate conversation, Carter guides us through how to cultivate skills in these areas and find success as a fiction film producer. We discuss how to approach the development process, prepare a compelling pitch, source financing and navigate contracts. We also explore the day-to-day role of a producer in the field and the creative, strategic, financial, and logistical aspects of producing necessary to help you skillfully tackle your next project.

Allison Rose Carter
Allison Rose Carter has produced over 20 feature films. She got her start on Eyad Zahra’s THE TAQWACORES, which had its premiere at the inaugural NEXT category at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

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