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These are 12 pages of ASHE where the main character Susanne is introduced. We have already met Ulli in the 1st page of the script (not included here) where he as an older man looks back to this. It is part of my first feature script ASHE a 3D fiction feature set in Nigeria , were I was born, based on the love and loss of Austrian artist Susanne Wenger who created a UNESCO World Herritage site there. This is from the 4th draft.

With German producer Sonke Kirchhoff and French producer Jean-Marie Boulet are we in the proces of getting the European producers and Nigerian producer together, we were selected for the 3D Film Booster in Belgium, pitched at the first Africa Hub @ the Berlinale in Germany, and developed the script at the Cross Channel Film Lab under Fransois Garnier in France/UK.

Born and raised in Nigeria Andrea grew up with stories instead of toys. in Amsterdam she studied film studies specialising in narration in African fiction films. Since living back in Africa (Kenya - Nairobi) she tries to follow the Devine drip feed of signs and stories in films to guide her and this is how ASHE came, a story on belonging, helping her to find out where she belongs, finding ancient wisdom on where humanity belongs. more...

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