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A day in June during Covid-19. Documenting a day in quarantine of a young-adult displaced from New York City back to his small Vermont home town. In a time when many are seeking creative inspiration, escape, or rejuvenation, perhaps all the answers are only a step away.

New York, NY, USA
An upcoming director and writer with a love of exploring global cultures and the human experience through authentic storytelling. Growing up in a small Vermont town gave me ample time to explore many creative arts, providing me a valuable look into the everyday details that make life so intriguing and meaningful. Vast international experiences have also contributed to my sense of community and what it means to build a powerful team. I aim to inspire future audiences by focusing on culturally diverse and intriguing characters that challenge thought and humanity. I enjoy making intangible elements (entire cities, atmospheres, music...) characters in themselves and using distant settings as the backdrop for suspenseful yet beautiful stories. more...

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