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From my limited series cult classic television espionage epic, MAX SLADER & THE SCARLET NITES, comes the spin-off film, A HEIST AMONGST COMRADES, utilizing the same characters, corrupt governments, their secret societies, foreign and domestic adventures, and the three spies' last days attempting to leave this atmosphere behind.

This fable is a prequel to the pilot episode of Season 1, so I am looking for producers, talent management, funding, local and overseas contacts, for development of the spy show, and my other work, including feature films in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France and Morocco, Africa.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Bobby Davis is a classically trained Renaissance man, Actor, Violinist, and Artist extraordinaire.  From an early age the arts captivated him,  an elite gymnast,  a competitive fencer, a musician, and he dedicated these pursuits to the foundation of his motion picture company, Southern Hawk Studios. His first film as a working actor was Big Bad Love (2001),  was featured in  the establishing shot of the picture, and got hooked ever since.  He is a Latin scholar, and shot his first film at 12, a Swords & Sandles epic titled  "Marcus", used as a final Latin project, complete with English subtitles, and lots of action choreography.  At 17, he played a solo violin concert with virtuoso pianist Alex Mullen, featuring the works of Chopin, Mozart, Berlioz, Debussy, Sarasate and Paganini, and graduated from the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, in Memphis, Tennessee. A four time Academic All American, and three time Tennessee state gymnastics champion, Bobby acquired his diploma from Laurel Springs High School, and received his bachelor's degree from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, where he filmed his third picture "Lucid Fame", and received his master's, at the David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts.  A native of Los Angeles, he grew up all over the planet, with his father in the US Navy, the family spent several summers in Hawaii, Denmark, London, and Jamaica, yet also spent time on his mother's side in the blissful farmlands of Virginia.  He's a citizen of the globe, but as American as it gets. He enjoys archery, opera, rock and roll, composing, writing phantasie tales, and spends time in nature. He will have films that span the globe utilizing artists of every nation and creed, from sprawling westerns, to a cult classic spy show, to period pieces and authentic adaptations of Hemingway, Lovecraft, Poe, Wilde, to even the Greecian fables of old. His work, original compositions, cinematic trailers, ballades, concert repertoire, radio shows and more can be found on the YouTube channel, Southern Hawk Studios. more...

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