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When a freak accident mistakenly kills two office workers before their time, the Powers that Be stick them in the desert and grant them a special dispensation of sixty-nine words before they’re finally and completely dead.

This short script was a finalist for the 2018 Shift Creative Fund but didn't get it and dangit, I wanna know why. I understand that grants are largely crapshoots - but if anyone can spot a way I can improve this thing so I've got a better shot at the next one, I surely would appreciate it.

Waxhaw, NC 28173, USA
Grew up barefoot in the Amazon basin. Paid for college by hand-planting half a million trees in northern Canada. Then married-procreated-divorced-remarried, which provided enough agony & ecstasy to kick-start an obsession with screenwriting. Produced some stuff because I had to. Nicholl-finalisted in 2016 (and won some other contests), but still grasping after the full-time-artist golden apple. more...

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