About Us

Sundance Institute supports and champions independent artists because we believe their stories and perspectives are essential to a thriving, informed and connected society. We provide safe and nurturing spaces where artists can develop and share new work while building networks and community with one another.

Until now, this work has been done in live environments like our Sundance Film Festival or Labs. And our live events continue to be critical to our work. But we recognize that there are many exciting independent creators that cannot attend our programs in person.

Sundance Collab is our community platform for creators around the globe.

We invite artists from around the world to learn from each other and from Sundance Advisors and staff, develop and share their work in progress, and connect in a creative community dedicated to the art of storytelling and elevating independent voices.

  • Learn in the way that is right for you: Our offerings include a free and custom-created and curated content video library, featuring Sundance Advisors ; live and interactive online courses and master classes; self-paced learning pathways and curated resources
  • Share your work in progress: Give and receive feedback from the community and Sundance Advisors, take part in our monthly challenges and ask questions of our Sundance Advisors
  • Connect to each other: Access free online Events, Discussions, and Opportunities
  • Safe, supportive environment

The site offers resources and learning free for all, as well as deeper, interactive learning and project feedback for modest fees. We commit to providing financial support in the form of scholarships to ensure that the ability to pay is not an obstacle for participation. For more information see our scholarships page.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support the work that Sundance Institute is doing on Sundance Collab or through its other artists programs, please contact us.