Hi! I'm a high school student with a great passion for cinematography and photography! It all started out of curiosity with the desire to discover the machine from my father's childhood, a film camera. My first photos with a proper camera, which was my dad's one, were so full of magic, not knowing how they are going to look like and also the desire to understand its mechanism. For me, it was a big moment realizing that without a battery, autofocus or even a memory card I took a proper photo stored on film. I attended a cinematographic course and I realized that I want to do even more about that and I wanted to show my own personal perspectives to the world. Starting from this, I started doing all sorts of activities and volunteering. For me, curiosity is like a blood cell, which travels all over my body. In every experience, I saw something more than just the appearance, something in a more creative way and because of that, I wanted to get all of it into filmmaking.