Shanna Riker

Director/ Writer

Shanna Riker is an NYC based, female, Director/ Writer/ Producer. She graduated from Blue Mountain College with a bachelor’s in Psychology and a bachelor’s in Theatre. She has produced five short films, three of which she directed and one she also wrote. Shanna’s will begin entering her most recent short, The Leap into festivals in March of this year. Shanna has one independently published novel, Barbecue, Fried Chicken and “Where’s the Will?” which she adapted into a play that she produced, directed and performed in at the Tank Theatre in NYC. Shanna is a two time participant of the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge. Daughters of Solanas, which Shanna produced for the most recent challenge, has been screened at the Queerly Film Festival and the Imagine This Women’s Film Festival. Shanna is currently in the fundraising stage of pre-production for her first feature film. Unfinished Works is a psychological fantasy, which she wrote and will direct as well. Shanna is an avid traveler and has had two articles published in online travel publications. Shanna’s writing interests are diverse yet she tends to focus on family drama, psychological fantasy and has a special fondness for romantic Christmas films. Shanna is a proud client of Mitchel Stein of The Stein Agency, Los Angeles.