Sean Pope

Sean works with producers and production companies focusing on all aspects of production legal services from development to distribution, with a particular focus towards documentaries and docu-series.

He serves as counsel for Emmy award-winning companies Boardwalk Pictures (“Chef’s Table”) and Scout Productions (“Queer Eye”), servicing shows such as “Cheer” and “The Black Godfather.” He also represents production companies such as Caliwood Pictures (“A Nice Girl Like You”) and The Solution Entertainment Group (“Killerman”, “Line of Duty”, “Honest Thief”), and he recently provided representation on the 2022 Sundance films “The Exiles,” “Brainwashed,” “Descendent,” “Watcher” and “TikTok, Boom.”

Sean enjoys being a part of teams that help elevate unconventional stories, and he delights in sharing his experience with young producers, writers and lawyers when he has the opportunity.