Rosa Tran

Rosa Tran started her career in animation on the Emmy-and Annie-award winning series Robot Chicken. As she made her way through the puppet fabrication ranks to the animation floor, Tran worked to streamline the departments and foster a production order that allowed the creative vision to flourish.  

She excels at finding creative solutions for sophisticated and elaborate imaginations. In 2012, Tran launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised money to produce Anomalisa directed by Oscar Winner Charlie Kaufman and Oscar nominee Duke Johnson. Anomalisa was not only nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe, it was one of the very few animated films to be nominated in the Film Independent Spirit Awards.  

Currently Tran is the Co-Executive Producer on Final Space, (Created by Olan Rogers and Executive Produced by Conan O’Brien) and is in development at Legendary TV. Tran has penned her first script, Bardo, and will make the transition to her directorial debut.