Megha Kadakia



Megha Kadakia is head of Media Production and Development at Creative Visions, where she works with filmmakers and activists to create social impact media. She brings a unique blend of business experience, diversity and inclusion, and artistic vision to the world of independent filmmaking. Kadakia has produced the features MISS INDIA AMERICA, RASPBERRY MAGIC, THE TIGER HUNTER and HUMMINGBIRD. Kadakia has recently co-founded the global media entertainment brand for young girls, SUPER AMAZING PRINCESS HEROES.   

She is the recipient of Sundance’s 2018 Momentum Fellowship, Canne's 2012 Producer's Fellow , Film Independent 2011 Producer Lab, and the Tribeca All-Access 2010 Program. In 2018, Kadakia presented a TEDX talk on Media and Diversity at UNC Chapel Hill. Kadakia has worked at Disney | ABC, Deloitte Consulting and several film production organizations in the capacity of Business Development and Finance. She received an MBA from Columbia University, Graduate School of Business and a B.S. in BioChemistry and Specialization in Business from UCLA.

Chosen Interviews:

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Creative Resources:

1. Long form serialized storytelling that I genuinely love - epic storytelling that understands the intimate - some examples: GOT, Sopranos, Six Feet Under

2. The Works of Marukami

3. The Works of Simon Rich, Books and TV Shows: Man Seeking Woman

4. Film Festivals, especially those catering to diversity and inclusion like LA Asian, IFFLA, CAAMFest, Sundance, Tribeca, etc. 

5. Drawn to shows about food and travel - exploring multiple senses

6. Indian Dancing - especially Bharat Natyam

7. Music of all kinds