Kalaisan Kalaichelvan

Composer / Music Producer / Classically Trained Pianist

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan is a composer, music producer and classically trained pianist based in Toronto, Canada. His music spans across the screen, theatre, dance and visual media. Kalaisan has worked with some of the most exciting emerging filmmakers on a variety of films that have been recognized for “Best Music” at the Santorini Film Festival and the Largo Film Awards. He is a 2021 Fellow of the Sundance Composers lab and is currently serving as one of the 2021 Slaight Music residents for the Canadian Film Centre.

Kalaisan’s music is defined by its genre-bending boldness, its refined classicism and musical ingenuity. Having worked across various disciplines and communities of thought, Kalaisan seeks to bring together incongruous institutions to build novel structures that reflect his artistic upbringing.