Jonny Freeman

Jonny Freeman is a leading expert in digital media, consumer and audience psychology. Using psychology research methods, he has developed and applied a body of knowledge to optimise digital media products and services, focusing on user experience, and the effectiveness and impact of communications. In his 25+ years of experience, Jonny has been instrumental in identifying the needs of immersive media audiences and he has consulted widely with the creative industries to recognise business opportunities arising from transformative technologies, such as immersive, personalisation and 5G. At Goldsmiths University, Jonny has built an applied research team with expertise in innovative methodologies (from physiology and eye-tracking, to behavioural analysis) to apply to R&D challenges. He has focused on measuring the user experience of television, live, and immersive content, and his team’s methodologies - including the ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory (2001) and the more recent Audience Impact Metric (2020) - are in use in hundreds of labs around the world. Jonny is currently leading the audience engagement research and strategy for the Royal Shakespeare Company led Audience of the Future Performance Demonstrator, funded by the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK. The project, led by Sarah Ellis (Director of Digital at RSC), is exploring the future of performance and audience experience in the immersive and digital spaces.