Bianca Sams

Actor, Writer


Bianca Sams is an Actor/Writer hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. A graduate of New York University's Tisch School (B.F.A.), she earned the distinction of being Tisch's first ever Triple Major (Acting, Dramatic Writing, Africana Studies). She received her M.F.A. from Ohio University. 

Her original works are lyrical investigations of found stories out of today's headlines or the pages of history; that ask audiences to face their own complex love affair with misery. 

Awards and honors include Ingram New Works Fellow (Nashville Rep), Warner Brothers TV Writing Workshop, The Playwright Center Core Apprentice (2014),TRI Research Fellowship at Ohio State University, T. S. Eliot Acting Fellowship, Tracking Board 2016 Young & Hungry List & The HIT LIST 2018, and WriteHerList 2017. 

She previously worked on the WB/CBS TV Show Training Day starring Bill Paxton and The Originals on the CW with Julie Plec & Jeffrey Lieber. Bianca is a member of the theatre activist group The Kilroys and works on WB/ live action Titans.  

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Chosen Interviews:

Embracing the Messy Bits by Bianca Sams

Bianca Sams tackles the issues of military sexual assault and post-traumatic stress disorder in new works

Creative Resources:


TEDTALKS DAILY: Because who doesn’t need a daily dose of inspiration? 

WTF WITH MARC MARON : I love these “under the hood” kind of interviews. Great guests and hilarious.

SCREENWRITERS RANT ROOM: Down to earth podcast that keeps me laughing, learning and wanting to create. Love this crew. 

THE WRITERS PANEL w/ BEN BLACKER: My nerdy nerdy heart can’t get enough. Cool guests w/behind the scenes stories and nuts & bolts chats. LOVE! 

EPICURIOUS: FOOD AND DRINK: Cooking when writing is a MUST. I love to make a delicious pot of deliciousness as my reward for writing. Be it stews or lamb shoulders… this podcast/videocast is full of great recipes to keep my body fueled, mind keen and stomach happy.


21ST CENTURY SCREENPLAY - LINDA ARONSON: I loathe writing books that are simply paint by numbers – put this on that page – type of craft books. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BOOKS. Linda breaks down the structural story and plot archetypes of films. I am a fan.

BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS - DAVID BALL: This tiny little book still fascinates me. It was written about theater, but is relevant to any writing. It’s more a practical assessment of writing tools from the audience’s perspective.

BIRD BY BIRD – ANNE LAMONT: Whenever I need inspiration to get back up or get my head around this crazy profession I decided to embark upon… I read this book!


HIKING: Getting out of my apartment and into nature is a must. It clears my head. Gives me time to assess what I am writing or simply turn on some loud music while getting my steps in. Either way—being out for a long walk is the best way for me to write daily.

PLAYLISTS: I often create musical playlists to accompany my writing process. It’s a soundtrack of varying tones that I can either play WHILE writing, but more often than not I listen to it when I am NOT writing… so that it can inspire me and keep me in the writing mindset.