I want to learn more about storytelling. Coming from a very mixed background I have a lot of ideas and experience. At the moment the threat to nature and ways to incorporate that into good stories is one of my main interests. I think there is a link between nature, walking, talking, poetry and storytelling. The connection people used to have to their local area always included stories about place, mountains, rivers, hills, bridges, local people. We are in danger of completely cutting ourselves off from all that nurtures us. I have been a journalist, sub editor, healer, gardener, artist, traveller and writer. I love stories of obscure people forgotten in the mists of time that were revolutionary in their time. For example the story of a woman who played her cello to a nightingale and the nightingale sang along and it is in a BBC archive. This is very poignant in England as Nightingales lose their homes and are in severe decline. A part of the luxuriance of May, they are hard to find now. They nest only one foot off the ground so that their eggs and babies are prey to all.