jonathan Duffy

Oakland, CA, USA


Jonathan Duffy is an award winning creative producer recently nominated alongside long time producing partner Kelly Williams for the 2019 Piaget Producers Award. His upcoming narrative feature work includes LIGHT FROM LIGHT (Sundance 2019), SOUND OF SILENCE (Sundance 2019), BEFORE YOU KNOW IT (Sundance 2019) . His past work in the feature film space includes: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU (Sundance 2018), THE LONG DUMB ROAD (Sundance 2018), 1985 (SXSW 2018), BAD IDEA GONE WRONG (SXSW 2017), DISCREET (Berlin 2017), 6 YEARS (SXSW 2015), BEAVER TRILOGY PART IV (Sundance 2015), HELLION (Sundance 2014), PIT STOP (Sundance 2013). His short form work includes: SKIP DAY (Cannes 2018), SWEET & LO (OAK CLIFF 2018), MAKE ME WANNA HOLLA (New Orleans 2018), DON'T BE A HERO (Sundance 2018), THE SUPLEX DUPLEX COMPLEX (SXSW 2017) and THE SEND-OFF (Sundance 2016).