grace chang

New York, NY, USA


I am Grace Chang, a Chinese American, living in New York city. I grew up in a family of entertainment in China, ranging from Peking Opera singers, magicians to comedians. My father wrote his own script. Since I was little girl, I often sat by my father and his writing team, watching what they were doing. ( I also became a second-hand smoker.) Then with my family guidance, I got started as a professional magician in a national theater company. Then I came to America... then I got married and had a child. During these time, I published two children's book "Jin Jin the Dragon" and "Jin Jin and Rainwizard." Now I am taking on film making and acting. In 2018 I have appeared in over ten short films, including my own first independent short film " A Missing Piece" which I wrote and directed. Now I would like to keep going, continuing to study script writing and film making.