Yelizaveta Smith

Ukrainka, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, 08720


Was born in Odessa 1990. Studied math in Odessa, graduated from Kiev national university of theatre and cinema at 2014 as a film director. During revolution 2013-2014 started to do documentary. Creating theatre projects. In 2014 co-founder of film company Tabor Production. From December 2014 started to be a volunteer working with children in city Mykolaivka in Donetsk area, it was a start of movie ‘’School№ 3’’ that The premier of movie “School#3” was at Berlinale 2017, where it got Grand Prix in Generation 14+ program. One of big interests are theatre and documentary theatre. Took part in Berlinale Talents campus 2018. Member of Ukrainian Film Academy and European Film Academy.