Tom Bibby

Welwyn Garden City, UK


I’m a screenwriter with a passion for sci-fi, superheroes, dark humour and crime. I did a film and TV course at college in the late 90s but I was involved in a UK HipHop collective at the time so ended up running my own label and doing a music degree at university of Westminster. I’m currently a teacher and manager at SoundSkool, a music college for disadvantaged young people in London, but I’ve done a wide range of jobs in music and education throughout my career. In the past few years I’ve fully immersed myself in learning the craft of screenwriting, consuming books, podcasts and short online courses to fill my knowledge gap. I want to work mainly in TV but also to write features, though I’m interested in the vast array of ways in which people consume stories- from literature to games and am intrigued by the future potential of technologies like VR, AR and AI. I’m currently building a screenwriting portfolio of two original pilots and two spec pilots in the hopes of getting agency representation and making the big move out to LA in the next few years.