An Egyptian screenwriter and filmmaker, he participated in several writing workshops for the Egyptian sitcom series. He worked as the head of the writing team at O3 (a subsidiary of MBC Television Group). He participated as the author and head of the writing teams in a number of television series. He co-wrote the script for the long film "Kilo 56" winner of the International Francophone Organization from the Dubai Film Forum 2012, a screenwriter, designer and supervisor of many film-making workshops. Screenwriter of the short film "Rabi'a Shtawi", who represented Egypt in more than 200 international festivals in 53 countries around the world and won 34 international awards, director of the second edition of the Festival of the Jazz Festival "Path 2015". He was awarded a prize in theatrical composition in 2017. He taught as an associate professor of performance arts for postgraduate students at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University 2017. He participated as a jury member in the graduation films for students of the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt in 2018.