Stephanie Stanley


Los Angeles, CA, USA


Stephanie Stanley is an award-winning, former newspaper journalist who spent countless hours in criminal courtrooms covering the most bizarre and gruesome trials in Louisiana. The work led her to write An Invisible Man, a true crime book about a bungled police investigation that allowed a serial killer to operate undetected for more than a decade. Since switching gears to script writing, she has sold one feature project and several of her scripts have placed highly in numerous contests, including the Nicholl Fellowship, the Austin Film Festival and CineStory. She was selected for The Writer's Lab sponsored by NYWFT/IRIS and Meryl Streep for her feature THE RADICAL, which she recently adapted into a series. For the last several years, she's assisted a TV writer/producer, helping with the development, pitch, script, casting and editing process for several TV shows. She is also still making use of her investigative reporter skills as a licensed private investigator. Stephanie is interested in developing projects with surprising, complex characters and unexpected stories that challenge our assumptions.