Stacie Capone

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Bicoastal actress | producer | filmmaker, partner in the production company Small Media Extra Large and founder of The FilmmakeHers, a multi-disciplinary women in film community. In the comedy world, I play roles like the nosy neighbor who always stops by at the most inopportune times, or the know it all restaurant manager that won't bring you salt because "your dish is already perfectly seasoned." On the dramatic side, you can think of me as the broken on the inside, but still strong on the outside characters - the mother whose child is missing, but she won't give up the search or the detective whose dark past fuels her mission to put the criminals behind bars. When I'm not acting in other people's work, I'm creating my own. Some of my producing credits include Sesame Street, a pilot for Teen Nick and a commercial for Samsung as well as many award-winning short films and web series. I take pride in producing projects that are not only efficient and on-budget, but also wonderful places to work and create. I bring the precision of a fine hostess to the creative energy and tough-mindedness of a successful producer. I believe in community and helping each other to succeed. We all need a little support to make great art!