Screenwriter. Experience Crafter. Emotions Navigator. Iowan... Lover of old crusty things.

Chicago, IL, USA


From racially-diverse retellings of Shakespeare, to her rural Iowa upbringing and tales inspired by the ancient Greeks, Shelley is a genre writer of supernatural drama, horror, and sci-fi. Active in the online screenwriting community, she volunteers as a social meet-up director for The Blacklist in Chicago and helps oversee the IFP Chicago/SAG-Aftra Chicago Table Read competition, At The Table. An experienced theater production manager, Shelley also has a background in cultural anthropology and archaeology, and worked for over ten years crafting museum exhibitions at The Field Museum of Natural History. Here she oversaw content creation, writing interpretive materials and interactive scripts, as well as collaborating with world renowned scientists, design teams, and production artisans. When not writing or being Mom, she also advises creative teams as a cultural dialogue facilitator and museum consultant.