Rodrigo Dorfman

Durham, NC, USA


I consider myself a human hyphen. I’ve spent my life transitioning between the identities that bind together all the different places, people, languages and cultures I’ve inhabited since I left my home country of Chile in 1973, following my family into political exile. I set my gaze from within that wondrous space formed by migration, hybridity and mysticism. Obsessed with the multiple stories of those forgotten by official history, when I press “record” on my camera, I am fully aware that the result is not the representation of the subject matter on the other side of the lens, but rather the visual manifestation of a complex relationship between my subjects and myself. I am looking to move beyond being a one man band to a collaboration mode. I also believe in FAIR TRADE documentary filmmaking. We need to dismantle the colonial/plantation mid sets that determine how we create, who we create with and how everyone benefits (or not).