Paula Sherman

Peterborough, ON, Canada


Omamiwinini (Algonquin) mother, grandmother and historian. Associate professor, Indigenous Studies, Trent University. PhD Program Director, Indigenous Studies PhD Program. My research focus is on Indigenous histories and relationships within Indigenous homelands. Since 2010 I have become very interested in articulating Indigenous history and ways of understanding the world through performance (theatre). In 2010 I received a SSHRC research-creation grant and worked wth Anishinabe playwright Alanis King to create the full production play Wisakedjak, based on my PhD dissertation. Since the premiere of the play in 2014, ​I have been working on three different multi-year research projects, two of which I am currently in the process of developing as screenplays. As an Indigenous woman, I want to create films that empower Indigenous peoples and inspire our youth to connect to the gifts they possess and to use those gifts in a possitve way to enrich their lives and also give back to their communities.