Nia Malika Dixon

Writer. Director. Producer. Independent Film & Television

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Since her arrival to Los Angeles, Nia studied directing under the tutelage of famed director Lilyan Chauvin, until the time of Lilyan’s death in 2008. Her first award, and her first short film, “Temporary Loss of Power,” was an audience favorite at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival in 2007. Shortly thereafter, Nia began studying acting with Tony Award winning actor and teacher, Kent Klineman. She is currently mentored by director Catherine Hardwicke, (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, and Twilight) and has also completed several writing assignments for Morgan Freeman at his production company, Revelations Entertainment. For the past fifteen years, Nia Malika Dixon has evolved from learning by working on other filmmakers' sets, (having worked in almost every position, from P.A. on an indie comedy, to 2nd AD on Ryan Coogler's thesis film, “Fig") to launching her own independent film production company. Writing, directing, and producing projects for herself, and for others, via her production company, Audaz Entertainment, Inc., Nia says, “I want Audaz Entertainment to be THE place that Hollywood goes to for everything Black and Muslim.” Nia has won several awards, including Best Urban Web Series and Best TV/Web Series in several festivals, for “The Trap Web Series,” (aka Chrysalis the web series,) and recognition for her screenplays, including “Vengeful,” an original pilot for a police detective drama she shot in Fresno, starring a Black Muslim woman; the first of its kind. Through the inaugural “Break The Room” program, Nia also helped co-create “East of La Brea,” an original series, and an official selection of SXSW 2018, for Powderkeg, Paul Feig’s production company. December 2019 marked the second annual #BlackMuslimGirlFly Film Festival where Nia hosted Effie Brown, Laura Fischer, Fanshen Cox, Blessing Yen, and Margari Hill in a panel to discuss how to break more opportunities for Black Muslim women in the entertainment industry. The #BMGFly Festival also honored producer Cheryl Bedford, for founding the organization Women of Color Unite and the JTC List. The JTC List is a comprehensive list of women of color in any and all positions in the entertainment industry. Bedford was the festival’s first awardee. Currently, Nia is preparing the 2020 installment of the #BlackMuslimGirlFly Film Festival. Audaz Entertainment also has a docu-series in development, “The Muslim Women,” set to follow the lives of Kamilah, a Black, Muslim singer-songwriter in Oakland, CA, and Maria, the Muslim daughter of Pakistani immigrants pursuing a career as a Muay Thai Kickboxer from Austin, TX.  And, Nia recently produced a feature-length, live comedy special for Black Muslim comedian, and mentee of Dick Gregory, Preacher Moss, (backed by a jazz band) called “Love Supreme: Anatomy of Gratitude.” After completing the short film, “Shattered Lenses,” Nia is preparing to shoot “The Trap” as her own, first feature film. Shattered Lenses is the story of Deena, a Black Muslim, freshman on campus who gets caught at intersections of her identity when a fight breaks out between differring student groups including her MSA. The Trap is a feature film inspired by true events, and set in Baltimore. It’s the story of a Ameena, a Muslim Imam’s daughter, a single mother who reluctantly becomes a drug kingpin to take care of her own daughter on her own terms.  You can watch Nia’s work here: