Monique Dismuke


Bay Area born and raised, Monique Dismuke, is an American writer, actor, producer, and director. Monique, the second child of Berkeley's first black fire captain discovered at an early age that acting, singing, and writing were where her passions lie, so she began to endlessly pursue them. Fruitvale Station, the movie that chronicles Oscar Grant's last days leading up to his death on New Years was her first big screen appearance .With her acting versatility and powerful presence, she has no difficulty finding work on numerous television productions like; the ID Channel show ¨I (Almost) Got Away With It¨, ¨50 Ways to Lose Your Lover¨ (hosted by Wendy Williams) , the Netflix original web series ¨Girl Boss¨, and ¨Thirteen Reason Why. While pursuing an acting career Monique soon decided that writing and producing independent projects was the only way to breakthrough with a voice in the industry. Thus, adding screen writer to her resume. Monique has a prolific magical touch and when given the opportunity her abilities will far surpass everyone's expectations while turning humdrum interviews, feature films, and tv programs into interesting pieces with solid rating. Monique, the industry's next up and coming actress, writer, producer, and Director that aims to captivate audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of her creative endeavors.