Monda Raquel Webb

Owner, Little Known Stories Production Company, LLC

Silver Spring, MD, USA


MONDA RAQUEL WEBB is an award winning author, filmmaker and performing artist. After graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Rhode Island in 1990, Monda began her production career as a traffic coordinator for City Cable 16, a municipal channel in Washington, DC. She quickly climbed the ranks and served in all aspects of production, from grip, to production assistant, to producer to on-air talent. As producer, she won awards from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) for Production in several different categories. Currently Monda combines producing, writing, performing and publishing under her consulting company, Monda Media, LLC, where she pursues her passion for the written word, spoken word, social media, television, and film under one umbrella. The publishing arm of Monda Media has written and published four books and manages author brand, public relations, product marketing/sales and ancillary items. Monda established Little Known Stories Production Company, LLC as the production arm of Monda Media in 2014. In 2015, Monda wrote, directed and produced her calling card to the film industry, “Zoo (Volkerschau)”, a short film about the last known human zoo at the 1958 World Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Zoo has won 11 U.S. and International Film Festival Awards, including awards from Spain and Indonesia, for “Best Short (film)”, “Best Script”, “Excellence Award”, "Best International Short" and other categories. Monda’s sophomore film “Pooch Sitter”, a film about a quirky pet-sitter who seeks love and affection from other people’s dogs in an untraditional way, is currently on the film festival circuit. This modern-day Goldilocks-ish tale is giving paws to audiences worldwide. That which defines who I am? As the daughter of Cynthia, a theatre major, and Robert, a sociology major, I'm DNA purposed to create literary and visual art that celebrates humanity. Director Statement I'm an independent storyteller dedicated to telling little known stories hidden in the crevices of history's pages. A visual archaeologist, I'm committed to organic storytelling from a woman's lens, that elevates, educates and uplifts humanity. As a filmmaker, if I don't make you laugh, cry or throw something at the screen, I have failed. We all deserve to feel something. Thus I choose to tackle topics that challenge the status quo. I aim to raise the rug under which many secrets are held. The truth is refreshing. The truth frees. Truth -- feels. -- monda, storyteller