Lonnie Thomas Crawford jr

Las Vegas, NV, USA


Born in 1950 and attended the 1st integrated school in OKC 1957 Culbertson Elementary. Though the neighborhood was integrated most everything else was segregated. I remember a friend recently asking " Lonnie, remember the summer we came back to school and all our white friends were gone". That was fall 1959. It's the last integrated school he attended until college. I later attended Central High school which could have been the inspiration for the series Happy Days. It was the most racially and economically diverse school experience I'd ever had. Everything but Asians which I'd never seen before coming to Los Angeles in 1964. Even so most of my friends and relatives in OKC attended segregated schools. As an adult I found that my experience was very unique . I've often wonder how others from my youth in OKC were influenced by their brief experience at Culbertson. How it differed from those of us that attended Central with it's diverse student body. My personal story is a story in itself. If you Google School integration in OKC there's no mention of these schools. As if schools were not integrated until 1970 with the advent of busing. Kanye West's mother Donda Williams also attended Culbetrson. Integration and segregation at the same time in the same city. 1957 thru 1965 a hidden truth that should be told.