Lena Klochko

Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine


Lena Klochko, artist and film- director, had begun her career in the late 90-s-early 2000-s at St. Petersburg art scene as a fashion-designer, performer and painter,working mainly with the textile, with the art projects "Spring on the runway"(collection of dresses-pictures), "Eva Braun"(collection of fashion costumes+ feminist performance), "Naked Lunch"(textile pictures exhibition and performance, “Paleolithic” (collection of costumes-sculptures+ performance), which arouse much interest in the art-circles and were popular among the public. Her feministic performance “Eva Braun” was named cult and almost all of her paintings created at that period were sold and found their places in the private art collections and some- in museums. After successful experience of directing her performance and shows, Lena entered the Higher Film Courses in Moscow and started to work in film production, trying all the aspects of film creation- from film-director, costume-designer, script-writer to producer. In her cinema practice Lena worked with such film-directors as Eugeny Juffit, Sharunas Bartas, Alexander Sokurov, Alexander Bashirov. Her filmography includes several shorts, 2 documentaries and one feature film (93’). Under influence of the events of 2013-2014 in 2016 Lena came back to Ukraine. Here she made another art-project “Beautiesandbeast”(2017-2018), consisting of the series of paintings and performance based movie(48’).