Lee Peterkin

Writer / Director

Los Angeles, CA, USA


When I was five years old I was in a performance of The Lion and The Mouse, and realized I wanted to be a storyteller. When was nine years old I saw the original Jurassic Park on the first day of a cruise ship vacation with my family, and continued to watch that film on repeat in the ships theater for the rest of the vacation. That's when I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker. When I was in my twenties living in Brooklyn with a bunch of artists and philosophers, my knowledge of cinema opened to art films from around the world and my foundation as a filmmaker finally started forming (albeit much later than I'd prefer). I made my first screenplay deal when I was 25, which never went into production. But it lead to a co-writing script deal that did soon after (and was made into a vastly subpar movie). In 2010 I joined the DSLR revolution with a Canon 7D, which helped me launch a freelance career writing, directing, shooting, and editing commercials, music videos, sketch comedy series, short films, and other short length projects. Since then I've taken a few shorts to festivals like SXSW, Dances With Films, Hollywood Film Festival, Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, and others As of January 2020, I'm finishing my latest draft of a feature film I plan to direct. My main career goal is to make a living writing and directing feature films for the rest of my life.