Kendal Whitlock is an African-American writer from Montclair, NJ who as a young artist was heavily influenced by the Shaw Brothers, Chan-wook Park, Stephen Chow, Michael Ritchie’s The Golden Child, Iron Chef (Ryôri no tetsujin), and more. Having graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Asia MFA program in Singapore the same year as placing as a finalist in the 2013 Blue Cat Screenplay Competition with an original Singaporean feature length script, he soon set his eyes on the remote locale of Taizhou, China. There he taught ESL courses to Chinese students while absorbing even more of a culturally rich Asian experience, all which continues to inspire an aspect of his artist’s voice. Many of his pieces thematically delve into the perspectives of outcasts and those who lurk on the outskirts of society; some clawing their way in, while others fight to maintain distance. His stories broach the topic of diversity through alienation via micro and macro optics.