I am a final year theatre student at Brunel University London. I have experience both behind and in-front of the camera as an actor/director/stage manager/producer/costume designer/sound engineer. I have worked professionally on many live and recorded performance based softwares such as: Isadora, Logic Pro X, NI Mate, Final Cut Pro, Ableton, Traktor, etc. At Brunel University, I studied physical, musical, digital and applied theatre practices and techniques. We created many performances both genuine or rendered from previous works of authors such as: Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Georg Büchne, Sarah Kane, etc. We employed many techniques in our collective and solo works from many companies and practitioners, my favourites being: DV8, Antonin Artaud, Valeska Gert, Erwin Piscator, Pina Bausch, Brecht, Akram Khan, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, John Carpenter and last but not least, Moustapha Akkad. I am working currently on scripts that belong to many genres and their sub-genres in my spare time and I would like to get some international recognition for my pieces in whichever means available to me as an artist.